Will students work in groups? How does that work?

Will students work in groups? How does that work?

Yes! Not all projects are done in groups, but most of the projects in the entire Upskillable-Qwasar curriculum are group projects. Students will be assigned groups and it will be up to your group to figure out what needs to be done, what deadlines you want to set, how you want to work, what the expectations are, and who does what.
Group sizes tend to be 2-4 people, and we discourage groups of 5 or more, however this may depend on the structure of the programs.

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    • What does day to day look like? What will students be doing?

      We will be starting our day from 10AM Saudi Arabia time (GMT +3) and till 6PM we will be doing different activities. Most days students will be spent doing 3 things: Coding - including code design, architecture, planning, debugging, testing, fixing, ...
    • What is our program structure and the activities?

      Program structure and activities vary according to nature of the program. In general, our program is designed with a lot of activities which will be occurring daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Standup This meeting is designed to provide a status ...
    • Will we do any projects for companies or real world projects?

      asarThe curriculum does not have built-in projects from companies, but there are certainly projects that resemble what you’d do in the real world. Many of the projects in our later or more advanced tracks are based on real projects we’ve come across ...
    • How many people are in a cohort?

      ,Around 20 people are expected per cohort. May vary between programs.
    • Will you help me get work experience?

      Generally, no, we do not provide work experience. We do not guarantee jobs. We do, however, foster the development of the 4 major items for getting into jobs: Strong technical portfolio Hard skills and technical competency Technical interview ...