What's the science behind these assessments?

What's the science behind these assessments?

These assessments draw from psychological theories to gauge traits and behaviors. For instance, the Big 5 Assessment uses the Five Factor Model, while the DISC Assessment is rooted in behavioral psychology.

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    • What assessments are available on Upskillable?

      Upskillable offers a variety of assessments, including the Big 5 Assessment, DISC Assessment, Leadership Assessment, Values Index, Grit Assessment, and Cognitive Assessment.
    • How does the Big 5 Assessment work?

      The Big 5 Assessment evaluates personality traits like Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism, providing insights into work-related behaviors and attitudes.
    • What are the applications of these assessments?

      These assessments are integral in employment processes, aiding in candidate selection, self-awareness, training gap identification, and effective team dynamics.
    • What are psychometric assessments, and how do they benefit me?

      Psychometric assessments measure psychological traits and abilities, offering insights into your cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns. These insights aid in making informed decisions in areas like personal development, education, and ...
    • What is the "Assessments" section, and what does it offer?

      The "Assessments" section is your hub for actionable insights. It showcases interactive cards representing unique assessments for understanding your team's skills. Click on a card to dive into detailed reports, identifying strengths, growth areas, ...