What languages does upskillable support?

What languages does upskillable support?

upskillable supports both English and Arabic language. For Arabic speaking countries, we allow both the Arabic and English. For English speaking countries, we allow only the English.

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    • How upskillable works?

      Hiring through upskillable is incredibly powerful, and the software is  superbly easy to use.  You simply input your competency requirement in the software and then create a job post. Candidates will then see your job advert in different platforms ...
    • How can I report issues?

      If you are facing any issue while using our software, you can reach us via email at support@upskillable.com or by using the live chat option available in the bottom right corner of the website.
    • How do I post a job on the upskillable job board and Google jobs?

      When you create a job post on upskillable, on the job settings page, you will get the option of “Post to upskillable Jobs and Google Jobs”. Upon selecting yes, your jobs will be posted to upskillable job board and Google Jobs.   ​
    • How do I request a new feature?

      User feedback and suggestions are immensely valuable to us, and we always appreciate, and welcome you for that. You can text us in our social media channels or live chat or email us at support@upskillable.com. Our team will get back to you. 
    • Who's created upskillable assessments?

      upskillable's assessments are designed by experts from all around the world. The core of our assessment system is based on the famous work of Dr. William Marston, Dr. Eduard Spranger, Dr. Gordon Allport, and Dr. Robert S. Hartman. upskillable's ...