What kind of technical setup is needed to start the training?

What kind of technical setup is needed to start the training?

Students need to have a moderate PC or Laptop with a good internet connection as every action will be performed on the Cloud platform.
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    • What kind of support upskillable will be providing for the training participants?

      The Upskillable team is responsible for managing all Upskillable-Qwasar Training Programs and program related support to the enrolled graduates.
    • What is the deadline for applying to training programs?

      Each training program will have its own timeline and deadline for application. For more information keep an eye on our Upskillable-Qwasar Training webpage https://upskillable.com/training 
    • What is the purpose of this technology training?

      The 4th industrial revolution is here and most companies will become technology companies as digital transformation continues. Today, there’s a huge demand for high-quality digital training to equip the workforce with both hard skills and soft skills ...
    • What to expect from the training ?

      There are no professors or single source of truth. Knowledge is generally widely available thanks to the internet and Google. Building software isn’t about getting the right answer: it’s about building something that works, whatever “works” might ...
    • Will you help me get work experience?

      Generally, no, we do not provide work experience. We do not guarantee jobs. We do, however, foster the development of the 4 major items for getting into jobs: Strong technical portfolio Hard skills and technical competency Technical interview ...