What is upskillable?

What is upskillable?

upskillable is a People analytics software that helps employers make smart recruitment, development, and structure decisions using Psychometric, Cognitive & Skills data. We help you speed up your hiring process based on candidate personality, aptitude & professional skills test. 

Organizations lose considerable time and money screening candidates using CVs and phone interviews. Yet research reveals CVs and interviews are poor predictors of future job performance. upskillable bypasses embellished CVs and human biases by remotely screening candidates objectively. 

Book a demo with one of our Product Specialists to know more about upskillable, and understand why it's a game changer for your next recruitment, structure or L & D decisions. 

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    • What language does upskillable support?

      upskillable supports both English and Arabic language. For Arabic speaking countries, we allow both the Arabic and English. For English speaking countries, we allow only the English.
    • Is upskillable available for Android or IOS?

      Currently, we don’t have any Android or iOS app. upskillable is a web application and we urge users to use a PC to take the assessments.