What is the time commitment? Do I have to actually come on site or turn up for meetings?

What is the time commitment? Do I have to actually come on site or turn up for meetings?

For full-time programs, workload tends to be about 40-50 hours per week. What’s more important is to recognize that there’s generally a correlation between how much time a learner spends learning and coding, and the progress they make in the curriculum and in their skills. If you slack off and don’t put in the work, you simply won’t learn or progress as much, if at all.

Further, the nature of working as a software engineer or developer, and the nature of our programs, is such that if you don’t put in the work and hours that you committed to the program, then you affect the work and learning of other people. Software development work is both an individual piece of work and a team work output; you can’t not work and expect the team to do your work for you. In a job, you would quite simply be let go.

All activities related to the training will be performed online. 

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      asarThe curriculum does not have built-in projects from companies, but there are certainly projects that resemble what you’d do in the real world. Many of the projects in our later or more advanced tracks are based on real projects we’ve come across ...
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      We will be starting our day from 10AM Saudi Arabia time (GMT +3) and till 6PM we will be doing different activities. Most days students will be spent doing 3 things: Coding - including code design, architecture, planning, debugging, testing, fixing, ...
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      Program structure and activities vary according to nature of the program. In general, our program is designed with a lot of activities which will be occurring daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Standup This meeting is designed to provide a status ...
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      Each training program will have its own timeline and deadline for application. For more information keep an eye on our Upskillable-Qwasar Training webpage https://upskillable.com/training