Internal Employee Assessment Software

What is “Team Insights?”

Team Insights is simply an internal employee assessment module of upskillable.

Knowing the insights of internal or existing employees is a crucial factor in order to lead them successfully & develop a team with a winning attitude. As a part of upskillable’s 360-degree assessment platform, we have introduced an internal employee assessment feature called ‘Team Insights’ where the organization will now be able to assess & compare the Personality & Cognitive traits of existing employees, teams or departments. Thus, as a manager or CxO, you will be able to determine the personality traits of each employee, his/her capacity to learn a new thing, whether he/she fits to the rest of the team members or not, team personality, who is a misfit in the team & also prepare the trait requirements for new member for any team. Also, you can assess the Personality & Cognitive traits of each department & compare them with others to find out which department is doing really well & which department needs improvement. This feature is going to support you tremendously in Employee Performance Review, Learning & Development Strategy & Hiring & Structure decisions.

This is how it looks. 

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