What is Screening assessment, and why is it important?

What is Screening assessment, and why is it important?

Screening (previously called pre-screening) assessment questions are used as filters for determining which candidates will actually take the assessment and which will not.

There is no point in inviting candidates to take assessment who don’t fulfill the minimum job criteria that you set like years of experience, nationality, visa status or language proficiency. The screening assessment will help you filter out those utterly unmatched candidates and allow those who have the minimum qualification to be considered as potential hires. The screening assessment also has the added benefit of allowing you to collect and store important information from the candidate. While the Pre-screening assessment is very helpful, it is optional.

The candidates who've been filtered out will be informed via email. But you can manually allow any candidate to proceed to next steps though he failed in screening.   
Sample of a Screening Questionnaire.

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