Navigating the Organization account's dashboard

Organization account

Assessments: Your Insights Hub

Unlock a world of insights with the Assessments section—a dedicated space where the power of data comes to life. Tailor-made for organizations like yours, this dynamic hub showcases the progress and potential of your workforce:

Insights at Your Fingertips:

Discover a collection of interactive cards, each representing a unique assessment that illuminates your team's skills and strengths.

Deeper Understanding:

With a simple click, delve into the assessment insights. Unearth detailed reports that provide a comprehensive view of your employees' capabilities, growth areas, and progress.

Empowered Decision-Making:

Leverage these insights to shape your team's development path. Identify areas for improvement, recognize standout talents, and steer your team toward collective success.

Seamless Navigation:

Effortlessly organize, access, and manage assessments as your team's journey unfolds. Watch as the dashboard evolves, capturing the ongoing story of your team's development.

Step into the Assessments section—a realm of knowledge where data transforms into actionable insights, equipping you to lead with precision and guide your team toward excellence.

Library: Explore Assessments for Development

The "Library" section is your gateway to a treasure trove of assessments tailored to foster personal and professional growth. Designed to meet diverse needs, these assessments provide valuable insights into individual strengths, areas for improvement, and overall potential. Here's what you can expect:

Variety of Assessments:

Discover a wide range of assessments that delve into different aspects of personality, skills, and leadership traits. Each assessment is thoughtfully crafted to offer meaningful insights.

Comprehensive Information:

Explore detailed descriptions of each assessment, including its purpose, intended audience, and key insights it provides. This information empowers you to select assessments that align with your objectives.

Select and Explore:

Browse through the library, review the available assessments, and select those most relevant to your goals. By utilizing these assessments, you can better understand team dynamics, identify strengths, and enhance collaboration.

Customized Solutions:

Choose assessments that address specific areas of interest or challenges within your organization. These tools enable you to tailor development strategies and enhance the performance of both individuals and teams.

Easy Access:

Assessments in the "Library" are conveniently organized for quick access. Click on the assessment of your choice to begin your journey of self-discovery and professional advancement.

Ongoing Learning:

The "Library" is continuously updated with new assessments, ensuring that you always have access to the latest tools for personal and professional development.

Whether you're a team leader seeking insights to drive your team's success or an individual focused on personal growth, the "Library" offers a wealth of assessments to choose from. Explore, learn, and uncover the valuable insights that will propel you towards excellence.

Language Switch: Navigate in Your Preferred Language

The language switch feature empowers you to experience the platform in your preferred language. Easily toggle between English and Arabic to enhance your understanding and engagement:

Seamless Transitions:

Switching languages is effortless. A single click allows you to instantly view the platform's content and interface in either English or Arabic, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Personalized Navigation:

Choose the language that resonates with you, enabling you to navigate through assessments, reports, and features more effectively.

Enhanced Engagement:

By accessing the platform in your preferred language, you can fully immerse yourself in the content, improving comprehension and engagement with the tools at your disposal.

Fluent Communication:

Whether you're a team leader or an individual user, the language switch empowers you to communicate and collaborate confidently in your language of choice.

Unlock a tailored experience with the language switch feature, allowing you to harness the platform's potential in a language that best serves your needs.

Upgrade to Premium: Unleash Full Potential

Discover the power of premium access with a single click. Elevate your experience and unlock a realm of enhanced features designed to supercharge your journey:

Elevated Assessments:

Experience the complete spectrum of assessment types—tailored to your team's diverse needs. Unleash the full potential of insights that span across all facets of growth.

Limitless Connections:

Extend your reach with unlimited invitations. Seamlessly engage your entire team, fostering collaboration and collective development like never before.

Team Empowerment:

Empower every leader within your organization. Enjoy unlimited admin access, fostering a culture of shared responsibility and aligned progress.

Actionable Insights:

Harness the ability to download detailed PDF reports. Capture your team's journey in a tangible format, ready to inform strategic decisions and drive transformative change.

Priority Support:

Navigate with confidence, knowing that our dedicated support is at your service. Experience the difference of personalized assistance, ensuring you're always on the path to success.

Embark on a journey of limitless possibilities. Embrace the Premium experience and open the door to a richer, more empowered path to growth.

Your Profile: Access, Insights, and Settings 

At the top-right corner of the dashboard, your profile awaits—a gateway to your personalized journey:

Help and Support:

Access a wealth of knowledge through our Help Center. Your questions, answered—empowering you to navigate and utilize the platform effortlessly.


Dive into your own assessment reports, acquired as an individual. Discover insights that resonate personally, shedding light on your unique traits and potential.


Explore and manage your profile with precision:

  • Settings
    Fine-tune your experience. Customize preferences, tailor notifications, and ensure your dashboard aligns perfectly with your needs.

  • Sign Out:
    When the day is done, sign out and rest easy. Your journey continues whenever you're ready, bringing fresh insights and renewed motivation.

Navigate your profile—a hub of resources, personal growth, and seamless control. Your journey is unique; empower it with each click.

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