How to create custom skills assessment?

How to create a custom skills assessment on upskillable?

upskillable now allow organization admins to create their own custom assessments. To create your own assessment, follow these steps mentioned below:
1. Go to your Job Fit Dashboard and choose "Assessments" from the drop down. 

2. You will then come to this page where you can see your previous assessments if you have any. After clicking the button 'Create Assessment' , you will find two options named 'Skills' and 'Screening'. in drop down As we are going to create Skills Assessment, please select 'Skills'. 

3. Then enter the name of the assessment you want to create and click 'Next'.

4. If you've created questions for Skills assessment before, you will see them here. Also, you will see upskillable created questions. If you haven't created any question yet, check this link and see how to create skills assessment questions.  

These are the questions from your question library. Select the questions you want to use for this particular assessment and click the button 'Next' at the bottom. You can filter the questions based on skills from the 'Skill' drop down at the top left corner. Time for each question will be added and cumulative time will be shown in the dashboard above for all the questions you have selected. 

5. You can preview, edit or copy questions by clicking the three dot icon at the right side of any question.   

6. Review your assessment before you finish.  
You can drag and rearrange the order of the questions using the drag icon at the left or clicking the three dot icon at the right and change position using the drop down. At the top, you will see total number of questions you have selected, total cumulative score that comes after adding the individual score of each question, number of skills that is being used in the assessment, and cumulative time to complete the assessment. 

7. If you need to change anything, you can go back by clicking 'Previous Step' and make changes there.  

8. Or, if everything looks perfect after reviewing, click the button 'Finish' at the bottom, and your assessment will be created. 
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