How to create questions for custom skill assessment?

How to create questions for custom skill assessment?

Customer Centricity is what we value most at upskillable. In order to give maximum freedom, we now allow our users to create custom assessment questions and create Question Library for the organization. 
Follow these steps to create custom skills questions:

1. Go to Job Fit Dashboard and click 'Assessments' from the drop down of your profile. 

2. Then, click the tab 'Questions' at the top and you will see this page for creating questions. Click the button 'Create Question' at the right and choose 'Skills' from the drop down list. 

3. Put the question you want to ask in the title box.

Add a skill tag for which you are going to use this question. There are some predefined skill tags that you can choose from the drop down. Or, if you don't find your desired ones, you can create a new skill tag from there.  

4. Now, you need to Set mark or point to this question. . 
Then,  set time for this question in seconds. Remember that, this individual time for each question will be added to make cumulative assessment  timing. Candidates can take any amount of time to complete any number of questions within that given total time and individual time for each question won't come into account. 
Select the difficulty level of the question from the drop down. There are four difficulty levels- Very Difficult, Difficult, Moderately Difficult, and Easy. 
Finally, You can make the question active or save it as a draft for future use. 

5. There are four types of answer options for a single question: 

Radio Button means there is only one correct answer for that question. You put the answer options in the 'Answer' box at left and 'Mark Correct' the option that is right answer for that question at the right. You can add more answer options by clicking 'Add Answer' at the bottom left .  

Multiselect Checkbox means there are more than one answer options for the same question. Mark the options which you want to set as correct answers at the right.  

Select 'Text' option for descriptive answers. Candidates need to write a descriptive answer for this question when you select the 'Text' answer option. 

This is how candidates will view the 'Text' answer option. 

'File' answer option means candidate will upload a file as an answer option. 

This is how the file uploading option will look like to the candidates. They can upload a file of max size 5MB.  

Click the button 'Next' to complete the rest of the processes.  

6. Here you will see the preview of the question you are going to create. You can make any change going back by clicking the 'Previous Step' button.  

7. After clicking the 'Finish' button,  your skill question will be created and be stored on your question library dashboard. 

8. You can see details (preview), edit, make a copy or archive this question by clicking the three dot option visible at the right side of each question.  

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