How to buy your service again for different job roles or upgrade the current plan?

How to buy your service again for different job roles or upgrade the current plan?

You can upgrade your plan or buy a new one anytime. Just send an email to with your requirements and our team will get back to you.
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    • What is the Job Fit Score?

      The Job Fit score is a composite score averaging the candidate’s results from the three sections of the assessment:  the personality test; the cognitive test; and the domain-specific skills test.  We present job fit score two ways: Job Fit Score ...
    • How can I change my organization password?

      upskillable gives you the option to change your login password. Follow the below mentioned processes to do that: 1. Go to your account and under the profile drop down, select the option 'Settings'.  2. Click the button 'Password' there, and you will ...
    • How do I know if the Job Fit Score is accurate?

      Our assessments are designed by experts utilizing contemporary psychometric research and pedagogy. Our assessment system is built by skillful engineers who work closely with the assessment development team. To calculate the scores, we use some of the ...
    • How do I post a job on the upskillable job board and Google jobs?

      When you create a job post on upskillable, on the job settings page, you will get the option of “Post to upskillable Jobs and Google Jobs”. Upon selecting yes, your jobs will be posted to upskillable job board and Google Jobs.   ​
    • How upskillable works?

      Hiring through upskillable is incredibly powerful, and the software is  superbly easy to use.  You simply input your competency requirement in the software and then create a job post. Candidates will then see your job advert in different platforms ...