How long does it take to complete the upskillable Challenge?

How long does it take to complete the upskillable Challenge?

There are two sections in upskillable Challenge and both are timed: 

1. Skills part which assesses the job related knowledge. You will get approximately 28 minutes to complete the Skills part. 
2. Cognitive part which assesses the verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills. You will get approximately 25 minutes to complete the cognitive part.

After completing the first section, you have the option to take a break and start the second one when you are comfortable again.

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      Our service is a web-based application which you can use from any smartphone with a browser. However, for best user experience, we strongly suggest that you use our application from a desktop browser. 
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      A candidate can only take an assessment once per job role. However, administering the assessment again is at the discretion of the organization.