How can I create a new assessment for assessing internal employees?

How can I create a new assessment for assessing internal employees?

Creating a new assessment for assessing internal employees is very simple. You only need to follow these few steps:

1. First, click to your account at the right and you will see a popup as shown in the image.  
2. Then, click to the 'Team Insights' sub navigation and you will be taken to another page.   

3. Now, click to 'New Job' button to start creating your assessment. 

4. When you click to 'New Job' button, you will be taken to this page. This is how you will enter the details: 

  1. Job Title: Write the name of the job you’re hiring for.
  2. Level: This is a drop-down selection menu that allows you to select the level of this position within the organizational hierarchy.
  3. Job Type: This drop-down menu allows you to select the job type, whether Full time, Part-time or Contract.
  4. Organization Department: You can select the department which you will create from the settings portion. If you haven't created departments at the time of creating your organization, you can create now following these instructions. 
  5. Job Description: Here you will write the job description of the existing job. 

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