Can I close/ minimize my browser while taking an assessment?

Can I close/ minimize my browser while taking an assessment?

When you start the assessments , the computer will be  locked into a kiosk mode, which prevents from switching to other applications or quitting the browser untimely.
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    • Can I stop the assessment in the middle and finish it later?

      You should complete each part in a single sitting so please set aside enough time to take the assessment. However, there are three parts to the upskillable assessment, the first of which is not timed. It would be possible to take a break during that ...
    • I am not able to access the test, and it is saying, "Test should be attempted within test limitation time."

      This message occurs because you did not complete the assessment in the allotted time. Both Cognitive and Skills assessments have time limits. Time limits range depending on which skill assessment you are taking. If your designated time is over, the ...
    • What should I do after completing my assessment?

      After completing the assessment, the organization will review your results. If you have met their requirements, someone from the organization will contact you. This may take one or two weeks. You will need to check your email, phone and other ...
    • How long will the assessment take?

      Our Assessment contains three sections, a Personality test, a Cognitive test, and a Domain-specific skill test. For the personality tests, there is no time limit. But for cognitive and domain-specific skills, there is a time limit. Time limits range ...
    • Can I see my assessment results?

      To obtain your results please contact us at We will send you a copy .